Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where History Is Happening

Links to some upcoming events:

First Folio Theatre Presents "Jeeves in Bloom" at Mayslake Peabody Mansion

January 27 - February 28
When Bertie gets himself into another scrape, Jeeves must resign his service and re-invent himself as something other than a Gentleman's Gentleman. This sequel to First Folio's hit production of "Jeeves Intervenes" features the return of Christian Gray as the lovably loopy Bertie Wooster and Jim McCance as his unflappable butler Jeeves.

Heroes, Villains and the American Zeitgeist.Comic Books from the Rare Books and Special Collections of the University Libraries Northern Illinois

January 19 through March 13
University Art Museum, Hall Case Galleries, Altgeld Hall. The exhibition traces the development through to the Modern Age which encompasses Independent Comics and the rise of the Graphic Novel, blending more whimsical characters and complex storylines that blur the lines between hero and antihero. As part of our Pop Culture Exhibition Suite this show will captivate you with the lively and engaging art and literary nuances of this popular medium.

Born in Mathausen: Eva Clarke's Story

Thursday, February 18
6:30 pm
Eva Clarke, whose story has been featured by the BBC, will share how she owes her life to her mother's tenacity, and the timely arrival of American GI liberators, when Eva was only three days old.
Ticket price includes Museum admission.
$20; $10

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