Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let's Hear It for Independent Booksellers!

Local history is often under-represented in bookstores because there just isn't enough money in it for publishers and booksellers. Obviously, the local history market is limited, but of extreme importance to those who live in that location.

Independent booksellers have the freedom to carry local books that your average bookstore chain won't bother with, and for that we local authors are extremely grateful!

Becky Anderson Wilkins is the co-owner of the two Anderson's Bookshops and was just honored with the Heartland Award from from the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association.

Becky gave Kate the opportunity to hold her first ever author event at Anderson's right after Ruth by Lake and Prairie was published several years ago, so we couldn't agree more with the Great Lakes Independent Bookseller Association's choice!

To learn more about GLiBA and find a map of independent booksellers near you, see
their website.

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