Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Abraham Lincoln and Benito Juárez

Last time we mentioned that Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln would be greeting guests at the Chicago History Museum's member night. The presidential couple were quite sociable and pleasant during the event while members enjoyed a special preview of two new exhibits: "Abraham Lincoln Transformed" and "Benito Juárez and the Making of Modern Mexico."

While the Lincoln exhibit was an interesting continuation of their previous exhibit, learning about Juárez was more of an eye-opener. Juárez and Lincoln were both leaders of their countries at similar times in history. Yet being of the "land of Lincoln," we in Illinois know little of Juárez's life.

Kate's first book "Ruth by Lake and Prairie" tells the story of the settling of Naperville, Illinois. Joseph Naper, the founder, served in the Mexican - American War as a quarter master at the same time Juárez was fighting for leadership of his country. Too often we see history from only "our" side, whatever side that may be. It's always enlightening to get a more global view of world history.

If you are in Chicago, both exhibits are worth seeing and are available until April. For more information, see the Chicago History Museum website at

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