Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Not-So-Distant Presidential History

Yesterday was Presidents' day and Caroline Kennedy used the holiday to unveil an interactive online exhibit at the Kennedy Library website. If you missed the news announcement, here's your chance to try it out.

On the website is a wealth of information about John F. Kennedy, including details about his desk in the Oval Office. The new online desk exhibit lets you "sit" at his desk and see all of his personal items displayed there. Some of the items are highlighted when you roll your mouse over them and if you click on those highlighted articles, you will be taken to a new screen with related photos, recordings and film clips

It's a nifty presentation, not necessarily for children, but certainly more accessible than reams of closely-printed text. Believe it or not, many of today's grandparents were too young to remember where they were when JFK was shot, so this website might be a nice shared experience for a grandparent and a grandchild.

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