Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Landlubbers, Escape to the Maritime Festival!

If you're in the Chicago area in February, turn your bow into the wind and sail on over to the annual Maritime Festival!

Held on Saturday, February 26 at the Chicago History Museum, the Maritime Festival celebrates the Great Lakes as well as the high seas. From 10:00 am until 4:30 pm, workshops, demonstrations, lectures and seminars are offered as well as displays of maritime art, knots, ships and lighthouses. In the evening, enjoy a concert featuring many celebrated maritime music professionals from all over the world singing new and traditional sea shanties.

Hands-on activities for kids like knot tying and boat building as well as performances for younger sailors take place throughout the day. Kate will be presenting "Thirteen Families West Across the Lakes," the story of how the schooner Telegraph brought pioneers to Illinois as told in her book Ruth by Lake and Prairie. You'll find her in the Guild Room at 12:15 pm.

Adult tickets are $14 for all daytime activities and the kids you bring who are 12 and under are admitted free. The evening concert tickets are $20, but if you order online before February 22, daytime activities are also included in the ticket price.

So pull up the anchor and set sail for a full day of nautical fun and history at the Chicago Maritime Festival in February! Hope to see you there!

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