Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1000 Teenagers and Chicago's Mayor Daley -- How Scary is That?

On Saturday, May 15, Mayor Daley's Book Club held their Spring Conference. Kids from 7th through 12th grades have been meeting in school libraries and branches of the Chicago Public Library all year long, reading and discussing books. At the Spring Conference, teenagers by the busload arrived at DuSable High School to attend workshops and meet authors.

At the suggestion of a fellow author, Dyanne Davis, Kate submitted a proposal to teach a workshop at the Conference. She was thrilled to be accepted and was busy preparing when she got a call from the organizer inviting her to be a "special guest."

As a "special guest," Kate got to hang out in the V.I.P. green room with the other guests, among which was award-winner Allan Stratton. But she also had to sit onstage with the guest authors, with officials from Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Public Library, and with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

Don't forget this was also in front of 1,000 teenagers sitting in the audience and staring up at the stage.

Fortunately, there was no public speaking required of her during that Opening Ceremony. Nerves were conquered, all went well, and Kate went on to lead two classroom sessions on "Creative Non-Fiction: The Reality TV of Literature."

The kids were great, the discussions were interesting, and meeting a bunch of new authors is always a joy. Photos and video will be posted at Kate's website soon, but you can read more about it now at K.C. Boyd's blog.

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