Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Lovely Afternoon on the Scary Prairie

The author event at Centuries and Sleuths Bookstore in Forest Park was great fun on Sunday! Kate paired up with Norm Cowie for a Scary Prairie afternoon for young people.

Norm's latest book is "Fang Face" about a girl vampire who grouses "as if being a teenager doesn't suck enough!" To celebrate his book launch, Norm wore a cape and fangs and supplied a punchbowl of "blood" for visitors, providing the "Scary" part of the event.

Kate donned her pioneer woman's costume one more time to illustrate the "Prairie" part, adding orange and black cookies to the refreshment table.

While the previous week's weather was suitably gloomy for a Halloween party, Sunday was gloriously sunny and hardly fitting for scary prairie book readings. In fact Kate and Norm couldn't resist standing outside in the sunshine to talk with book fans. And we thought vampires couldn't stand daylight!

Many, many thanks to Augie Aleksy and the rest of the Centuries and Sleuth's staff for a great afternoon! If you are interested in history or mystery, this shop is a must-visit destination. The cozy decor, grinning gargoyles and Sherlock Holmes pipes are the perfect accompaniment to shelves of awesome books. Find out more at their website www.CenturiesAndSleuths.com.

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